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Excellence in Providing Innovative
Medical and Behavioral Healthcare Services

The Center for Family Guidance, PC operates three outpatient clinics where they engage their youthful patients in a wide range of effective behavioral health services. The Center’s expertise extends to several partial and residential programs for children and adolescents in need of behavioral modification.

CFG Health Systems, LLC services correctional facilities, jails, prisons and detention centers of every size and scale. CFG Health Systems continues to win bids on local to county and state-wide public contracts to provide behavioral health and medical care delivery and healthcare management services, including telepsychiatry.

CFG Residentials, LLC creates an environment that is supportive and nurturing by providing comprehensive mental health and therapeutic residential treatment to children affected by a broad range of emotional, behavioral and developmental challenges. Our team of highly trained professional staff offers quality care to children and their families through multiple treatment approaches. We are committed to helping children attain their potential for personal growth and success by teaching them to consistently make safe and healthy choices.

InSight Telepsychiatry, LLC is a national telepsychiatry service provider company with a mission to increase access to behavioral health care. InSight specializes in crisis telepsychiatry and can provide on-demand psychiatric evaluations and care within an hour of a request. InSight also provides routine telepsychiatry services to a wide range of settings.. The InSight team has been practicing telepsychiatry since 1999. 

InWorld Solutions, LLC develops virtual environments for clinical settings. Our software enables clinician and patient to take on avatars, digital characters who meet and interact in a virtual, online meeting space that is private, secure and designed to enhance the encounter's therapeutic value. As our clinicians guide development of this therapy, it proves engaging and effective, particularly for youths and children.


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